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First published in 2010-02, the FACS discussion forum is an on-line bulletin-board for members to use to communicate about presentations, cruises, boats, sailing techniques, or any other FACS-related or sailing topic.

The Forum Goes Public

In 2011-03, the executive decided to open up most of the forum for the general public to view and post to. Therefore, you no longer require a user id and password to access the forum. However, certain areas – e.g. cruising plans and current newsletters – are still restricted to members only.

Why Should I Register as a Forum Member?

That said, if you are a FACS member, we still encourage you to register as a forum member. These are the advantages:

  1. You can read and post to the restricted parts of the forum.
  2. You do not have to pass a security test each time you post.
  3. You can add information about yourself to your profile and upload a picture of yourself (called an Avatar) that appears on your posts.
  4. You will receive email notification when there are updates in the forum.
  5. You can view the list of forum members.
  6. Others will know that your posts are from you and can contact you directly with an email or private message.

How Do I Know When to Visit the Forum?

You will receive an email when a new topic or update is added to the forum. You will only get one email until you visit the forum (not one for each update). If you really don’t want to hear about a particular part of the forum, you can unsubscribe from any area or a particular topic.

Rules, Rules, Rules

The usual rules of internet etiquette apply and will be enforced if necessary. Basically:

  • Topics should be related to sailing and/or FACS.
  • New topics should be started in the appropriate area.
  • Replies should stay on topic. If you want to discuss something else, start a new topic.
  • No rude or inappropriate posts will be tolerated.

We hope you enjoy using the forum.
The FACS website team.

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